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Eiroa Architects | e-Architects is staffed by multiple architects and experts in the design field, including Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa (design, computation and fabrication), Hany Rizkal (construction management and detailing), and others. e-Architects has established collaborations with consultants and is licensed to practice in New York State (USA) including Southampton NY, Argentina (including Buenos Aires), Ontario (Canada) and Punta del Este (Uruguay-collaboration).


Dr. Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa

Design Principal Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa is an experimental practitioner with professional license in architecture CPAU, including LEED AP and inter'l associate member AIA, with several r credentials as well as an Associate Professor at the New York Institute of Technology with Tenure. He was appointed to teach at several institutions worldwide, and from 2004-2018 was an Associate Professor Adjunct of Architecture Design and Computation at the The Cooper Union. He has been appointed to teach at UPenn (University of Pensylvania), UIC Barcelona, Columbia University GSAPP, Princeton University, Di Tella University, and FADU-UBA (University of Buenos Aires from 1997-2001). He has been invited to lecture in institutions worldwide including NYiT, Cooper Union, Princeton University, Columbia University, UPenn, The ETSAB Barcelona, Di Tella Institute, the University of Buenos Aires and others. In 2010 Pablo was appointed Co-Conference Chair for the ACADIA 2010 Conference (the largest Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture) and co-edited the conference proceedings.

Previously, Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa collaborated directly with Peter Eisenman/Eisenman Architects as a senior lead designer in a number of world renowned competitions and projects, including; three installations in Europe during 2004-2005 (one as associated architect); the completed Arizona Cardinals Stadium (2003) host of the NFL 2008 XLII SUPERBOWL and the 2015 XLIX SUPERBOWL (total interior surface of 1.7 million square feet (170.000m2); the Second Prize for the Napoli TAV terminal competition in Italy (2003); designs for the WTC site published by the New York Times (2002) and the New York Magazine (2002); and participated as a lead designer for the team Richard Meier - Peter Eisenman - Charles Gwathmey- Steven Holl, finalist submission for the LMDC WTC competition (2002, 2.0 million square footage of mix use program). After such collaboration, he authored INSTALACIONES: Sobre el trabajo de Peter Eisenman. In Buenos Aires, he collaborated with Justo Solsona/MSGSSSarqs, Ciro Najle and Cadau-Gimenez-Galvez.

Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa received his architecture degrees from the University of Buenos Aires, a free tuition institution, where he completed studies for his second Masters (M.Arch II). He also completed a post graduate seminar at the Superior School of Fine Arts Ernesto de la Carcova and won the Fulbright Scholarship and the National Endowment for the Arts Scholarship (Clorindo Testa director) to continue his research at Princeton University School of Architecture (M.Arch II) with full scholarship. He received his Doctorate Degree from UIC Barcelona in 2022 on Computer Science applied to Architecture investigating Big Data, Simulation, Robotics and Machine Learning ("Artificial Intelligence") At the FADU UBA, he developed research for the SICyT and published-edited articles. He also did research in England and Holland on the relationship between architecture, landscape, infrastructure and water, developing an ecological machine that induces sedimentation through architecture foundations to promote landscape through latent opportunities (Mississippi Delta, Jamaica Bay and Rio de La Plata, 2004-2012).

Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa has been involved in the development projects in South America, the U.S., Europe, and on the Internet. In New York and Buenos Aires he has designed, built, published and exhibited many projects, including: an infrastructure project with the Department of Transportation in NYC, a Public Shore Park in Vicente Lopez-North Buenos Aires, and many residential buildings and houses.  His projects have been featured in different media, among others The New York Times, Clarin Arq, La Nacion Arquitectura, VIII, XIX, XIV, XVI Venice Architecture Biennale (one National Pavilion Argentina), Storefront for Art and Architecture, Disenny Hub Barcelona, Pecha Kucha New York #11, as part of a series of events for the Festival of Ideas for the New City curated by the New Museum in New York City, The Instituto Cervantes in New York City, Pabellon D'Arsenal in Paris and at the MoMA in New York City. He has published academic and theoretical articles in Yale University's Constructs, ARQ Clarin, 12 Arquitectos Contemporaneos; Revista PLOT; Pulsation; Clip Stamp, Fold; and other media. He has lectured at The Cooper Union (student's lecture series), Princeton University, Columbia University, The University of Buenos Aires, Di Tella University, Tel Aviv University, Biodigital Architecture Master - Barcelona, Pecha Kucha NYC, Festival of Ideas NYC, ACADIA 2010, among others.

Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa authored / edited the books:

- Multidimensional Architecture of Information, from Simulation towards AI (Artificial Intelligence), Routledge 2023 (forthcoming)

- Architecture In formation, ed. Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa and Aaron Sprecher, Routledge/Taylor and Francis, London 2013

- Life in:formation, Aaron Sprecher, Shai Yeshayahu and Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, New York ACADIA 2010

- Instalaciones: Sobre el trabajo de Peter Eisenman, Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, DLO/RE, Buenos Aires 2008

- Analog and Digital Strategies between interfaces, Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, 2006

- Solsona. Entrevistas...Ediciones Infinito, Buenos Aires 1998, Crispiani, Acuna, Lorenzo-Eiroa, Fridman, Rochas


Hany Rizkal

Hany Rizkal is a professional registered architect with license in New York and Canada with experience in residential architecture buildings ranging from small to medium scale, including low rise and mid rise buildings and structures. Hany has been developing, designing and detailing  buildings and structures at multiple scales since 2007. His projects has been published in many media in New York City.


e-Architects' Current and past designers, staff and interns include:


Designers / Int: Alejandro Mieses Castellanos, Frank Fengqi Li, Shantanu Bahlla, Julian Chu Yu Cheng, Wayne, Gabriel Munnich, Yaoyi Fan, Pablo Toubes-Rieger, Nelson Montas, Zhiyi Cheng, Glen Banfield, Ricardo Escutia, Eduardo Alfonso, Max Golden, Luo Xuan, Eunil Cho, Toussaint Jimenez Rojas; Carlos Majauskas, Pedro Joaquin, Lucas Hayman, Tamara Orozco Rebozo, Francis Egipciado Cruz, Linnette Gutierrez Ortiz, and others

Interns: Boreum Lee, Felicien Francis, Felicia Killiot, Wan Jo, Debora Distefano, John Smithson, Peter Douglas, Amalia Gerdes,

Collaborators: Henry Mena, Zulaikha Ayub, Veronica Barrow, Che Perez, Jesus Yepez,  Jeremy Jacinth, Darrell Wessey; Adrian Nicolaevsky, Pablo N. Garcia, Joaquin Gonzales.