Arch 177
Arch 482B
Master Program
Computer Design Seminar Elective 
The School of Architecture of The Cooper Union

Professor Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa

Digital Interfaces: Structuring Fluid Territories after Hurricane Sandy

According to some scientists we may have surpassed the point of irreparable damage to our planet. At this point, several scientists confirm that ecological balance may only be achieved by artificial means.

Hurricane Sandy and other recurring storms have been activating debates on ecology, discussing the role of artificial interventions in the cities of the north east, bringing issues that can be associated with New Orleans and the devastating force of Hurricane Katrina, studied in this computer seminar back in 2006.

As a real-time based workshop, students were asked to study social, economical, biological and ecological landscape-urbanism alternative strategies for the systems of bays, rivers, shores and ports that surround New York City, including its Upper and Lower Bay, the East River and the Hudson River, Jamaica Bay and Flushing Bay through computer assisted simulations. Mega-structural territorial scale visions for radical interventions that affect the entire territory of the area that surrounds New York City will be studied by structuring natural feedback exchanging information and energy. This advanced course worked out relationships between the architecture of the city and the structuring of the fluid surrounding territory, studying form within time, fluid forces and resistances through specific dynamic software tools. Mapping, testing and working processes of sedimentation, erosion, and tidal or hydraulic energy, were studied to extend the architecture of New York City based on time, space and artificial ecology. Strategies with algorithms relied on both analog and digital interfaces. The proposal for a landscape-urbanism strategy scenario is presented with animated simulations and physical 3d printed test models.coursely disregarded with the us

Jamaica Bay and JFK Airport:
Derrick Benson
William Hood
Jeremy Jacinth

Manhattan and East River I
Charlie Blanchard
Iyatunde Majekodunmi
Mark Tugman

Manhattan and East River II
Katherine Bajo
Gregory Shikhman (School of Engineering)

Manhattan and Hudson River
Jaeyoung Byun
Luo Xuan

New Jersey Meadowlands
Jemuel Joseph
Sang J. Kim
Jaime Pabon

THE COOPER UNION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE AND ART, ARC 177 Spring 2012. End of the Year Show Exhibition The Cooper Union, School of Architecture - Ground Floor Colonnade May 28-June 15 2013

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