Fluid Territories: Mississippi River and Mississippi Delta Landscape interventions

COOPER UNION -Organizational Simulation of Fluid Territories - Professor Pablo Lorenzo Eiroa

As a real-time based workshop, we will study landscape-urbanism alternative strategies for the Delta of the Mississippi River, including New Orleans and its Port, through computer assisted virtual simulations. This advanced course will critically relate architecture ground and structure to fluid form and organization within time, through specific dynamic software tools to simulate forces and material effects. Mapping, testing and working processes of sedimentation, erosion, and tidal or hydraulic energy, will be studied to inform space. Simulations with algorithms will rely on both analog and digital interfaces between Photoshop, AutoCAD, Rhino and MAYA. The proposal for a landscape-urbanism strategy scenario will be presented with an animated simulation.

Students groups:
Elan  Fessler and Mack Cooper William     
Jeremie Waechter, Sylyng Yong and Katheleen Brumder