structure and instability: Cartesian absolute structures and topological relative displacements

topological cube



ARCH 177, Cooper Union, Professor Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Students Board ARCH 177 Spring 2009


Structure and Instability: Simulation Laboratory

Professor Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa 

This course revisits the contemporary potential for an architecture autonomy through the reconsideration of architecture canons to find a strategy to redefine post-structuralism as a continuity of structuralism, bringing back modern typologies to be displaced through topology. The testing of the structuralist strategies of Wittkower’s Palladian Villas diagrams, Rowe’s Palladio-Le Corbusier diagram, Hejduk’s Texas Houses and Eisenman’s Houses series in relation to contemporary post-structuralist canons, may provide an axis of reference to critique deconstruction.  

As a laboratory, we experimented with a vectorial nine square grid structure in reference to computer's groundless matrix and dealt with surface as a “ground” through analog and digital computer assisted architectural constructions and transformations. This content-oriented workshop’s intention is meant to critically relate the autonomy of architecture to the virtual space of the computer, through specific software strategies. Alternative processes of instability, that brought about contemporary architecture canons and resulted in an expansion of the discipline, were studied to inform space by affecting the structure of this organization by enfolding these canons back as a contraction. Surface writing and parametric design as algorithms relied both on analog and digital strategies. The exercise was presented with an animated digital simulation that reworked time-based sequential diagrams that indexed and edited its constitutional process. 

The School of Architecture of The Cooper Union ARCH 177 Students:

ahn catherine
binder daphne
brostrom lina
chong jaeho
chou chia
chybireva anastasiya
clapham tanner
cortes dionisio
foster christian
hayatsu jun
heyman malin
huber david
kang seung-hyun
levine raye
pounds christopher
saether laura
stulc alexan
vega rolando
wills daniel
wood alexander
yamamoto kinu