2012-11-28 WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 28, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, SOA BETTS AUDITORIUM      LECTURE SERIES: WHAT I DID NEXT PRINCETON'S ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES, 6 pm, Betts Auditorium. Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa will present at Princeton University's School of Architecture his experimental practice manifesto in the alternative architectural practices series. The panelist presentations for that day includes Ingeborg Rocker, Michael Young/Kutan Ayata, Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Branden Hookaway and Yusuke Obuchi. Dean Alejandro Zaera-Polo

During the academic year 2012/13 Princeton SoA will stage a series of public conversations around emerging alternative practices in architecture through the work of 85 distinguished alumni from the last 25 years. At a moment when the profession is facing new challenges and asking important questions on a global scale, we would like to capitalize on the experience of our recent alumni to explore a broad range of contemporary practices that spin from, or gravitate around architecture, seeking alternatives to the established norms of the field. To capitalize on Princeton's commitment to experimental work at the edge of the discipline, we intend to feature these practices as a sample of ways to engage with various areas of interest and opportunity that confront architects today, and outline propositions for alternative practices for the future. Eight sessions will be held during the Fall of 2012, and eight more during the Spring of 2013, featuring different formats, geographies, ideologies and technologies.

Recording of the lecture and panel discussion: