Ecoinduction II: JFK Airport Expansion and Natural Reserve AreaNew York City, 2011

Jamaica Bay Wetland restoration and hurricane buffer zone. JFK Airport Expansion and Natural Reserve Wetlands,  2011

We have surpassed the point of irreparable damage to our planet. At this point, several scientists confirm that ecological balance may only be achieved by artificial means. Ecoinduction II proposes a mega-structural territorial scale and envisions a radical modus-operandi to striate the entire territory of the Jamaica Bay, connecting the expansion for JFK airport in the metropolitan area of New York City by structuring the natural growth of the bay wetlands eroding system. A field of inflatable buoys initiates a machinic responsive process affecting the environmental balance of the water bay promoting side effects that alter the dynamic stability of this natural ecosystem. These elements are implemented initially to slow down the water flow, promoting latent banks inducing sedimentation, boosting multiple diverse ecological environments and developing multiple programmatic opportunities in different landscape scales. Once they activate the sedimentation process, they become progressively fixed and then are disposed. This intervention affects environmental dynamic forces, structured positively, using such instability to induce latent landscape opportunities, in an artificial ecology of natural feedback exchanging information and energy.  Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Eiroa Architects 2011.

Project team: Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa design principal, eiroa architects


This project was part of the presentation for the Festival of Ideas for the City curated by the New Museum at the Pecha Kucha Presentation.

2011 Pecha Kucha #11 Dimensions of a New City, May 7th @ The Old Gymn, 268 Mulberry Street, New York City.