Southampton, New York, 2011

Cartopological  space
TYPOLOGIES displaced through TOPOLOGY

House II A is a private commission for a house in Southampton, New York. The house is integrated by three areas typologically classified in three distinct and separate areas with independent access and independent landscape relationships. Each part of the landscape, the site becomes active by the use of each of these independent private uses which include a master suite, a guest pavilion and a common living room area suspended above the ground. Each house area is independent but simultaneously integrated to the rest of the house and the landscape through interior and exterior intermediate areas that re-qualify the interiority of each part of the house, adding dynamism and multi-directional relationships to the house and its areas. Each independently programmatic area relates differently to the landscape creating many different areas with intermediate landscapes that offer several transition areas. 

Conceptually, house II A integrates multiple architectural typologies within an in:formed layered topology. House II A develops multiple topological displacements layering information parametrically, combining different source codes through multiple interfaces that overcome Cartesian determination. House II displaces multiple typologies within a unifying continuous topology.

House II, 2011. Cartopological  space. Design Principal: Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa. Research Assistant: Luo Xuan, Pedro Joaquin