New York City

Two points define a line, an extruded line defines a surface and a surface thickness defines a volume. This critical surface as a wall project defines topological variations that displace the condition of spatial separation and division of a wall. This wall is then decomposed as a series of points defining multiple lines defining a surface as a volume. The wall is ultimately defined as an envelope by defining an interior interstitial space.

In terms of the topological variations that define the organization through which the wall is designed, this parametric wall proposes thorugh displacements conditions between points, lines, surfaces and volumes. The wall design departs by identifying a simple cut in the surface, a linear variation of cuts that makes the wall thick. Within these operations, each surface subdivision is seen as another wall. Each subdivision of the surface becomes a field and thus a territory seen as an opportunity to induce a range of degree variations. These degree variations are aimed to challenge the linearity of the initial operation, relative to the architectural exploration of the conditions found at each moment in the new developing territory, inherently finding new organizations that escape the initial parameters.

Designer: Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa

Design Team: Max Golden, Luo Xuan, Eunil Cho, Che Perez, 2011